How can you get more money back from the IRS…?????

If you get back all your federal tax paid from the IRS every year, then this information is not for you.

I have been helping friends, co-workers and people I know to save money every year for years, now let me help you.

My information will step you through how to save or get back more money from the IRS every year.


  • John earns about $40,000 or less like most of us do….
  • John is bringing home about $1000 every two weeks
  • Your results may vary, but for this example, here are the numbers we are using for John….
Household Expenses
Expense Monthly Yearly
Rent $800 $9,600
Electricity $100 $1,200
Natural Gas $30 $360
Water $70 $840
Cell Phone $50 $600
Renters Insurance $20 $240
Total $1,070 $12,840
  1. If you don’t have renters insurance, you should, for those real bad days….
  2. If you are paying more than $50 a month for your cell phone, we have a suggestion or two
  3. Some of you might not have natural gas, it’s ok, the numbers above are a guesstimate anywayy

So, on the example above John is spending $12,840 a year on expenses for your home or apartment, just to live and get by…

  • Let’s assume your place is 800 sq. ft.
    5% of that is 40 sq. ft…. 8 ft x 5 ftMaybe the space near the window or balcony or sliding glass door, that you currently are not using, or about the surrounding area by your computer.*** it doesn’t have to be all in the same room either
  • 5% of your yearly costs for your home or apartment is $642

If John can save or get back an additional $642 from the IRS then you should easily be able to get back an additional $500 or MORE on your tax refund

Let us show you how…Step by step, we will provide you with all the information you need to start a business, it’s simpler than you think, easy to understand information, tips and tricks.

You can keep your costs low by doing it yourself.  In MOST cases, it will take you less than 2 hours of your time and the cost to file your business with your state.

For $21.99 – money back guarantee

Your state and/or county will have a filing fee as well.


You can use LegalZoon or other to do this for you, if you have a spare $99 or MORE when you can do it for free in your spare time.

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